August 29, 2006

Lake Van Monster??? Move Over " Nessie " !!!

Seen here is a replica of a creature that has been sighted, on and off, in Lake Van since 1995.

The first to publicly confess sighting the beast was a certain Unal Kozak, who at the time was a teaching assistant at Van University. Over the years Mr. Kozak has interviewed about a thousand "sober" eye-witnesses. Even the world famous scientist, Jacques Costeau, was supposed to have been so impressed with the case that he was planning to visit Lake Van and do some exploring on his own. Unfortunately, Mr. Costeau is no longer with us and it is not clear whether he ever made it to Van. Perhaps his son will make the trip.

The stunning, 4 meter high replica proudly stands at the crossroads of one of Van's major intersections. (We're talking the new city of Van.......)


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