September 26, 2006

New Book Dealing With Armenian Genocide Recently Published in France

We at Sassna Dzrer are pleased to inform our readers that an important new book dealing with the 1915 Armenian Genocide has recently been published in France.

Researched and written by French-Armenian historian Raymond Kevorkian, Le Genocide des Armeniens, is a massive 1008 page history of every facet of the genocide. Of particular interest is its detailed, region by region, documentation of the forced deportations of Armenians throughout the Ottoman Empire.

Mr. Kevorkian is Director of the Armenian Nubar Library of Paris . In addition, he was one of the original founders of the "Land and Culture" organization back in the late 1970's. The organization continues its important work till today.

Mr. Kevorkian has authored numerous works dealing with various aspects of Armenian history and culture. ( see biography) Even though the book is in French, we urge all who are able to support such a dedicated and indefatigable historian as Mr. Kevorkian by purchasing this work.

Abrees..Haroutiun yeghpayr!!!


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