May 18, 2007


TODAY.AZ has published an interview with Gideon Sa'ar, chairman of the Likud faction in the Israeli Knesset.

We've pulled several comments from the interview where the Israeli politician comments on Armenia, Karabakh and the growing Israeli-Azerbaijan relationship. We urge our readers to read the entire interview here.

1)I myself was very pleased to see that Muslim country Azerbaijan is liberal European country and keeps friendship relations with Israel and Jewish nation. We have common interests with Azerbaijan. Today Azerbaijan is the leader in Caucasus and initiator of all big geopolitical projects. I think Azerbaijan is a true friendship bridge between Europe and Asia. Most Israelis have no idea about Azerbaijan , but I want to tell them that prosperous Azerbaijan is a country where Jewish people are loved.

2)Within your visit to Guba you also visited the mass graves which are the result of Armenians' genocide committed against Azerbaijanis and against Jewish people of Guba. What are your impressions?

We got thorough information about this tragedy and were given a lot of materials concerning this issue. But it is difficult for me to express an objective position on the issue. I think that historians should clarify it. I want to mention that Knesset has recently rejected the proposal of Merets Party member Khaim Oron on debating the problem of 'Armenian genocide.' This fact demonstrates the official position of the Israeli government on the problem called Armenian genocide. I consider Knesset's decision right. It could ruin strategic relations between Turkey and Israel.

3)What is Israel's position on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and occupation of Azerbaijani lands?

I want to say that Israel does not ignore interests of friendly Azerbaijan and hopes that official Baku will also take into account Israel's interests. Azerbaijan is a strategically important country for Israel. We understand the country’s problems and interests