April 15, 2008

Nune Yesayan - Please Shut Up !!!

Artists are citizens too and thus have the right, like the rest of us, to express their personal opinions on a wide range of issues, politics included.

However, the rantings of Nune Yesayan regarding the events of March 1st border on the idiotic and are repulsive, to say the least.

Yesterday, she comfortably stated that those who died that night "were in the wrong place and only have themselves to blame for their deaths." (Basically - they got what they deserved) I wonder, how do people like her sleep at night???

She then went on to praise Serzh Sargsyan for helping her out with a personal matter (money) when he was Defense Minister. The rest of her comments are too far-out to include here.
So Nune - please stick to dancing and singing on stage.
You do more harm than good when you do otherwise.


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