August 30, 2006

Another Turkish Writer To Go On Trial

Journalist Ipek Calislar is set to go on trial this Oct. 5th for violating Turkey's "Law To Protect Ataturk" (Penal Code # 5816).

In her book Latife Hanim, the author writes that in order to escape an imminent assassination attempt, "Ataturk dresses in a black scarf and flees the house pretending to be a woman". By the way, Latife Ussaki Hanim was Ataturk's wife for two years before he divorced her in 1925.

The book, which was published in Turkey this past June, became an instant best-seller

The case against the author was initiated by an irate reader who took offense at the way Ataturk, the Father of modern Turkey, was portrayed... Woman's clothes indeed...

Calislar defends her portrayal of Ataturk, saying it is based on accounts from Latife's sister Vecihe Ilmen and others..


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