September 14, 2006

Turkish Nationalist Politician Sees Stones As Solution

(09.13.2006; Turkish Daily News)

Copies of three ancient stone tablets unearthed in Mongolia went on display outside the offices of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in Ankara.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the 1300 year old stone replicas was MHP leader Devlet Bahceli. Mr. Bahceli noted that the tablets were the first time "Turks as a nation" made their mark on history with their own name and alphabet.

"The solution for Turkey's current ills lies in the words of our forbearers", added Mr. Bahceli. The huge tablets contain writings dealing with politics, diplomacy and the art of war.

(Medz Mher: Now if my math is correct, 2006-1300= 706A.D.
Yeah, that would make them the "new kids on the block")


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