October 05, 2006

Many Average European Citizens Opposed To Turkey Becoming E.U. Member

"VOICE FOR EUROPE" Campaigns to Ban Turkey

    It seems that not all Europeans agree with their national leaders that Turkey should be granted full European Union membership .

    Demonstration In England 2005

    Demonstration In Paris 2005

    These activities and others of the Voice For Europe Campaign are from 2005. While their site is still up, it appears that after Turkey's accession talks started in October 2005 the organization has ceased functioning. Here's just a small excerpt from their site that sheds light on the arguments against Turkey's membership in the European Union:

    We, the undersigned citizens of the European Union, with the aim of supporting and contributing to European integration and protecting European values turn to the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission:We are convinced that1. Turkey in its essence is not a European country 2. The European Union does not have the absorbtion capacity to enlarge with the Republic of Turkey.Therefore we resolutely request the decision makers of the European Union not to enlarge the EU with the Republic of Turkey, but instead aim at strengthening a mutually acceptable and beneficial partnership.

    (Ohan Keri - Back in 2005, when Europe was voting on whether or not to merely start talks on Turkish accession, estimates placed some 30-40% of citizens of E.U. member nations as being opposed. But the talks started despite the opposition. Both Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac led the forces favoring Turkey's accession. Today, a variety of issues (Cyprus, democracy in Turkey, the Armenian Genocide, etc) are being debated and discussed regarding Turkey's membership. Is it all just one big political game concocted by the European powers to exert pressure on Turkey before further negotiations take place - a kind of "tit-for-tat" chess game.

    Somehow, the word "capitulations" comes to mind. Is the Genocide Recognition issue being conveniently used by these same European nations in their political machinations. One day the European Parliament removes the Genocide Recognition clause as a prerequisite for Turkey's accession, the next day, Jacques Chirac, facing Armenian TV cameras in Yerevan, calls for Turkey to do the right thing and accept its past mistakes.

    Hrant Dink recently commented that the Armenian Genocide is being used a political pawn in all of this and lamented the fact that the memory of those who perished is being manipulated in such a disgraceful manner. What Do You Think??


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