January 27, 2007


ՀՐԱՆԴ ՏԻՆՔ (1954 - 2007)


"I was found guilty of racism. How can this be? All my life I have struggles against ethnic discrimination and racism. I would never belittle Turkishness or Armenianness. I wouldn't allow anyone else to do it either"

"We Armenians do desire this territory because our roots are here. But don't worry. We desire not to take this territory away but to come and be buried underneath it"

"We all have an intuition about something broken in the past. It's in our genetic code. Each Armenian family has experienced loss and that goes back to when survivors were scattered all over the world. Even if you flee from that sense of history, history doesn't let go of you. In Turkey, you face so many attacks against the Armenian identity that you find yourself in a defensive position whether you want to or not"

" My identity was always other and often belittled. I saw again and again that I was different. Many people who were like me were leaving the country, but I didn't want to leave - I wanted to stay and fight for what I thought was right."

"Armenians, especially of the diaspora, tend to have a problem associated with the role of the other, that the Turk has played in forming Armenian identity. There is a certain history. A trauma. The Turk has become such a source of pain that it has 'poisoned the Armenian blood', as the Anatolian saying goes. In my article I was addressing the Armenian world and saying, there are two ways of getting rid of this poison. One way is for the Turks to empathize with you and take action to reduce your trauma. At the moment this seems unlikely. The second way is for you to rid yourself of it yourself. Turn your attention towards the state of Armenia and replace the poisoned blood associated with the Turk with the fresh blood associated with Armenia."

"My computer's memory is loaded with sentences full of hatred and threats. I am just like a pigeon. I look around to my left and right, in front and behind me..."

...Իսկ աննշան եթէ մնայ

երկրի մէկ խորշն հողակոյտն իմ,

Եւ յիշատակս ալ թառամի,

Ահ, այն ատեն ես կը մեռնիմ...


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