January 01, 2007

PRESIDENT ALIYEV'S NEW YEAR MESSAGE TO ARTSAKH: Azerbaijan Is Capable Of Liberating Its Lands At Any Time And In Any Way!!!!

In his New Year's message to the people of Azerbaijan, President Aliyev touched on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue. Here are those excerpts from his statement....

The notorious referendum, which has been held in Nagorno-Karabakh recently, has confirmed once again how strong and fair our positions are. The whole world, all the international organizations expressed their attitude to that condemning the illegal referendum held by the illegitimate, criminal regime. I hope the opposite side will demonstrate constructivism, and the Azerbaijan’s land will be freed from occupiers. Great attention is also paid to army building. I stated as early as two years ago that Azerbaijan’s military budget should level the total budget of Armenia. We have managed to achieve the goal: Azerbaijan’s military spending is reaching the total budget of Armenia in 2007, and is expected to exceed it in the years to come. On the one hand, it shows that we keep our promises, on the other one, we need to make our army more powerful. We are negotiating but the enemy must know that Azerbaijan is capable to liberate its lands at any time and in any way, and it will do that. Attention to army will be further raised. This is our policy, and it makes me very glad when it is supported by people; such support is very important to me.


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