February 25, 2008

Post Election Upheavel In Armenia

Just a few observations on the state of affairs in Armenian after the "official" vote count of the fraudulent presidential election in Armenia:
1) This election must be declared null and void. It would be a travesty for any sane-minded person to accept such an election as free and fair.
2) The so-called impartial OSCE election monitors were ill-prepared fro the level of bribery, fraud, intimidation and coercion that the ruling RPA party used to put their candidate Serzh Sargsyan over the 50% threshhold.
3) The current movement to free the nation from the clutches of ruling criminal regime and its lackeys goes well-beyond the question of Levon Ter-Petrosyan as president. This movement is bigger than any one person.
4) This is a confrontation betw the haves and have-nots; between those who control the resources of the nation for their own personal aggrandizement and those who receive the crumbs thrown to them; between those who govern the nation as their personal fiefdom and those who want to have a true stake and say as to how their coun is run and for whose benefit.
5) At this critical juncture, it behooves all segments of society to rally around the banner proclaiming - "Democracy and Justice Now" !!!! The people cannot stomach another five years of deceit, corruption and lies.


At February 26, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sargsyan only has the government bureaucrats and business elements in his pocket as supporters. This house of cards can crumble if the opposition wants to stage a real revolution. Many in Freedom Square aren't LTP supporters but they're fed up with how they are treated by the current regime. That's to say the people really aren't a factor in the political and socio-economic life of the nation. (Ramik)


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