March 09, 2008

Massive Cover-Up of the Facts Taking Place in Armenia

Today, in Armenia, the state authorities are engaged in a massive cover-up of the facts surrounding the events of March 1st. No sane person can deny this reality.

The ruling regime, by declaring a State of Emergency, has proven that it cannot and will not organize an objective, all inclusive, review of what transpired that day which resulted in the death of 8 individuals.

To date, official pronouncements from the State Prosecutor's office deny that law enforcement personnel fired on the protesting crowds. To date, no rational explanation has been given by the government regarding who fired on the crowd. All reports show that those who perished died from gunshot wounds.

There can be no independent inquiry of the facts when the government has effectively blocked any opposing point of view from being heard. The government says it is engaged in such an inquiry but no one, especially the average person on the street, believes that such an examination will be impartial.

Let us put aside, for the moment, all the finger-pointing and name-calling that is rampant in Yerevan today as to who was to blame for letting tensions reach such dangerous levels. The fact remains that people were killed.

The question remains did they have to die?


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