June 09, 2008

Guardian.co.uk Article Claims Karabakh A "Dangerous Black Hole"

Alexandros Petersen's June 7th article in the Guardian entitled "Negotiating a Black Hole" is a fairly decent reflection as to how world public opinion, particulalry the "informed" western press, portrays the Karabakh conflict.

Mr. Petersen describes the Karabakh issue in the following words:

"The simmering stalemate pits Armenian Christians against Azerbaijani Muslims, with several lives lost on either side every year. But why should an obscure ethno-religious conflict concern us, and why is today's meeting more significant than the numerous failed negotiation attempts of the past 20 years?"

The issue isn't placed in any type of historical context nor does the author provide any basis on which to substantiate the following absurd conclusion of his that:

"Should a transnational terrorist group such as al-Qaida ever get its hands on former Soviet nuclear material, it is almost a given that a territory such as Karabakh will be involved."

Those interested in reading the full article can do so HERE


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