November 16, 2006

Karabakh President To Spearhead Fundraiser - Kashatagh Issue Slowly Becomes Topic of Debate

The following short news item appeared in the newspaper "Լրագիր" (Lragir) on November 14th. It would appear that some in Armenian official circles have finally realized that maintaining a policy of silence on the Kashatgh issue will not work. Let us see if President Ghoukassian of Nagorno-Karabagh will comment on this topic during his fundraising tour in the United States. We have read that he has met with certain traditional diaspora organizations and benefactors - but we doubt if these people have raised the issue with the president.


Lragir, Armenia
Nov 14 2006

Nobody knows the exact number of people living in Lachin, says
Arman Melikyan, adviser to the NKR president, former NKR minister of
foreign affairs. He thinks that the reason for this uncertainty is
the constant migration to Armenia and back. Arman Melikyan says this
is very bad because there must be a permanent population in Lachin,
but Karabakh is unable to resolve this problem alone, says the adviser
to the NKR president.

"We must realize that Karabakh alone cannot provide conditions for
the fast resettlement and prosperity of this territory. This is the
problem of both Armenia and the Diaspora, and also the problem of our
potential allies, who must be interested in having the Armenians live
there," says Arman Melikyan.


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